Tacoma and Parkland Pet Groomers

Questions & policies



Pricing varies by breed, size, service, and the state of your pet's coat. Pricing is subject to change.  

Call 253-537-5373 for estimates & additional info.

All quotes given are estimates only.


Our staff care's for your pets, we ask for all pets be up to-date on all core Vaccines.

Though rabies is the only vaccine required by law, its highly recommended you vaccinate your pets with all core vaccines.



If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give at least 24 hour notice. If you fail to show for an appointment, we may require a deposit the next time you schedule an appointment.

This deposit will be put toward the cost of your next groom service, but will be non-refundable if you cancel/reschedule within 24 hours or fail to show again.